Refraction is a music visualization of the song “River” by Dirk Massen.
The installation takes the analog elements of the piano in the form of a water bowl and is complemented by a digital projection, which includes generative Realtime–Visualizations reminiscent of different phases of a river. Through the water bowl, the projection is reflected on a surface in the room. With the help of sound boxes, the water vibrates along with the rhythm,  and this leads to the final result. While the digital element essentially reacts on the melody, the water resonates to the striking dynamics of the song.​​​​​​​

After many different solution approaches, we came up with an idea to work with a generative and analog construction. Through the long study of music, we have divided the song “River” into ten parts. Then we tried to deduce each section into different parts of a river. From this six representations have emerged: A source that waves outward, a slow river, a filigree river, a fast flow, a swirl and the mouth into the sea. By the appropriate subdivision of the music into the components
the dramaturgy is continually increased until this culminates in the middle of the piece.

The project was created in cooperation with Jannis Zimmermann, Maximilian Lahr, Lukas Feldhoff, DHBW Ravensburg and Dirk Maassen.

The Project is fictitious and was created as a part of a study project at the DHBW Ravensburg.

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