la rivelazione del santuario

“La rivelazione del santuario” is an audiovisual narrative in 3D for the Frankfurt sneaker store of “43einhalb”. The room shows in an exaggerated way the insatiable greed of sneakerheads in relation to sneakers. In the scenery, the sneaker is portrayed as a sanctuary or as an object of desire and illustrates the path that the so-called sneakerheads are leaving behind in order to reach the “holy sneaker place”. The animation is supported audibly by increasing beats and a choir singing.

In the interior of the store, the four monitors show selected scenes from the movie in a loop. As soon as a sneaker is placed on the interactive pillar, the shoe is automatically displayed in a scenery based on the overall film.

The project was created in cooperation with Jannis Zimmermann, Maximilian Lahr, Isabelle Bartsch, Hannah Kinzel, DHBW Ravensburg and 43einhalb sneaker store.

The Project is fictitious and was created as a part of a study project at the DHBW Ravensburg.

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